Leadership Statement

As a product design manager, I lead with a focus on driving innovation while respecting constraints and achieving tangible business objectives.

I demonstrate a commitment to delivering impactful solutions that address user needs while aligning with organizational goals. By fostering a culture of collaboration, embracing Lean UX methodologies, and prioritizing human-centric and data-informed design, I empower teams to navigate complex challenges effectively and drive meaningful outcomes. My leadership ethos revolves around balancing creativity and pragmatism to deliver innovative solutions that not only meet user expectations but also contribute to the bottom line success of the business.

Amy is a bright spot in the day of anyone who has the pleasure of working with her! Not only is she a super knowledgeable IA/UI/UX rockstar, but she communicates her ideas in the most professional and pleasant way! Amy runs meetings like a Boss - careful notetaking, always open to the ideas of others on the project, and keeps everyone on task and on time. Amy understands the customer journey & mindset...and we are all lucky to have her on our team!

- Product Marketing Manager

What you will notice about me

What fuels me most is the challenge of transforming design-agnostic cultures into cohesive, collaborative environments. My leadership approach revolves around fostering psychologically safe spaces where diverse teams can thrive. Through purposeful workshops and iterative collaboration, we navigate ambiguity, align on objectives, and deliver impactful results.

My core values of excellence and understanding guide every aspect of my work. I prioritize active listening, continuous learning, and building diverse relationships to inform holistic decision-making. For me, excellence isn't just about achieving the perfect solution; it's about making the most beneficial trade-offs through stakeholder alignment.

Outside of 'the office'

My partner and I live in a funky 1970s custom house in the Chicago suburbs, which we picked as our 30-year project to make sure there is always some kind of work-in-progress to keep us inspired and creating. We have a Brady Bunch blended family of 3 kids and 3 dogs. Collectively, we own over 10 versions of UNO, which we take along on our adventures while we explore the world.

I make time to care for my body with yoga and pilates, and I plan months ahead to find time with friends to care for my soul. An outdoor Phish show is a favorite summer tradition. Each winter I look forward to the first big snowfall , to which I always dance along to the Waltz of the Snowflakes - okay fine, the whole soundtrack - from the Nutcracker Ballet.

When alone, I can be found listening to an audiobook while creating something new in the kitchen, putting together a puzzle, rearranging floor plans, or taking a walk through our quiet neighborhood soaking in the beauty of nature. 

Ross - Future therapy animal

Oscar - Takes his prized possessions on victory laps

Pax - Always 'this close' to catching something

The story behind the resume

In my journey from retail management to leading product research and design departments, I've discovered a profound alignment between my innate drivers and professional skill set. Starting from a pivotal decision to leave a psychology master's program to pursue web design and interactive media, I've since thrived in roles that blend my background in psychology and art with my newfound passion for technology and product management.

My career trajectory took an unexpected turn when I stumbled upon a Product Manager role that resonated deeply with my skills and aspirations. Little did I know, this position would mark the beginning of a transformative journey, where I'd evolve from a solitary product manager into a product research & design leader driving organizational change and growth.

Over the past eight+ years, I've spearheaded the establishment of product design practices in organizations that initially undervalued design. Through relentless dedication and strategic vision, I've cultivated high-impact teams focused on human-centered, data-informed product development.